Midnight smooth pickle snack at 8:30

This is my first attempt at posting from the WordPress app on my iPhone. I haven’t heard great things about it but here goes. I was laying in bed, watching football and reading magazines and I got a hankering for some of my recently created Sweet & Spicy Smooth Pickles sooooooo……I created my first Sweet & Spicy Smooth Pickles wrap. It’s a tortilla with cream cheese spread on it and about 10-12 Sweet & Spicy Smooth Pickles. It was pretty good but now my stomach kinda hurts. Guess I better get some TUMS.

Be ready for the Sweet & Spicy Smooth Pickles recipe. I’ll post it tomorrow.

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A Pickle Drop?

As I was sitting on the couch trying to recover from the last few days of celebrations I heard something on the CBS Sunday Morning show that caught my attention…..there is a town in North Carolina…..Mt. Olive-home of the Mt. Olive pickle company….that drops a pickle for New Year’s Eve.  So instead of a bright shiny ball they use a glowing dill pickle.  Check it out: http://www.mtolivepickles.com/news/whats-new

A quick internet search was done and I found there is also a Mr. and Mrs. Pickle drop for New Year’s Eve in Dillsburg, PA: http://www.carrollcitizens.com/PickleDrop.html

I think there could be a destination New Years Eve party in store for smoothpickles next year!!

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Save the pickles!!

With the impending storm heading my way and the sirens going off here on New Year’s Eve, I decided to take shelter in the basement with my dog.  As I was heading downstairs, I noticed my 5 gallon bucket of smooth pickles just sitting there…..so I made the quick decision to grab it on the way downstairs……I had to save the pickles!!!  We are now all safe and sound!  Happy New Year to all!!!!

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Smooth pickles – eat fresh!

I asked for smooth pickles on my 6 inch turkey sub on wheat tonight even though I didn’t need them.  I mean really…..I have a 5 gallon bucket of them sitting in my kitchen!  So I ate about 20 of my smooth pickles on the side, dipping them in mustard and Syberg’s hot wing sauce.  Kind of like they were chips or carrots or cucumbers. (Note: it was pointed out to me that pickles ARE cucumbers. While this may be true I want to point out that cucumbers are not pickles.)

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Back to the pickle

Tonight we watched Back to the Future III, which I don’t think I have ever seen all the way thru, while I ate a veggie burger with about 20 smooth pickles.  I know the smooth pickles are the same as the ones with ridges but I’m telling you they just taste different!  They make a burger or a sandwich!

Still haven’t watched all of BTTF III….just couldn’t finish it.

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More pickles?

I went to the store tonight and guess what I bought…….more pickles!  Yeah I know I have a problem.  But I was out of mini pickles and I wanted some.  So tonight for dinner I ate about 15 smooth pickles, chopped up on a salad like cucumbers.  Not bad.

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Smooth Pickles

My husband bought me a 5 gallon bucket of smooth pickles for Christmas……..what am I going to do with all of these pickles?

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