I love pickles.  All kinds of pickles….dill, sweet, spears, minis…..any kind.  Always have (except the sweet ones…I didn’t like them so much when I was younger….but I do now).  I used to make a peanut butter, mustard and pickle sandwich when I was a kid….it sounds really gross but I liked it.  I also used to drink the juice out of the jar when the pickles were gone.  I don’t think it’s a coincidence that National Pickle Day falls on my birthday (November 14th).  But there is one kind of pickle that I have always had a slight obsession with……the smooth hamburger chips……the kind that you get on your cheeseburgers at McDonalds, Steak & Shake, etc.  You can’t buy them at the regular grocery store. They only have the kind with ridges.  So my husband decided it was a good idea to buy me a 5 gallon bucket of smooth pickles at Sams (against the advice of the disapproving check-out lady who said “Oh honey…you better be getting her something else”). Like I said….I love pickles….but what I am I going to do with 5 gallons of them?


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