A Yodeling Pickle

Finally I present to you the iPhone app review I mentioned a few weeks ago.  This blogging thing is more of a commitment than I realized when I started last month. 

A while back I was searching under pickles in the App Store because…..well…..why else?  I wanted to see if there were any pickle themed apps of course!  I came across “A Yodeling Pickle” app and was instantly intrigued….what could this be?  After reading some of the reviews I decided to install it and discovered that basically this app does two things….gives you a few laughs as you watch a large whole pickle wearing lederhosen sing-shouting in falsetto and supplies you with fun facts about pickles.  From the app info page: “Are you sick and tired of pickles that do nothing?”  Well, yes as a matter of fact I am!…..and…..”Nothing is as cool as a singing pickle.”  I agree….few things are.  Did you know that more than half the cucumbers grown in the U.S. are made into pickles? Or….a most impressive fact that pickles were mentioned by Jesus in the Bible? You will learn these tidbits and more with this app.

So without further ado….check out the yodeling pickle: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2JF_1ih__po

Now, the downside….if there can be one when you have a singing pickle at your fingertips.  It is not a free app and I know that is a really important piece of information for some people when they are considering adding a new app to their arsensal.  It does cost $0.99 but….I feel this is one app that you as a pickle lover cannot live without!  And for those people who are not pickle devotees…..which by the way I don’t understand….laughs are priceless so how can you not spend $0.99 on a Yodeling Pickle?

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4 Responses to A Yodeling Pickle

  1. Tessa says:

    Doesnt Heidi yodel too?????

  2. ShaSha says:

    I need to borrow a dollar.

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