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A Yodeling Pickle

Finally I present to you the iPhone app review I mentioned a few weeks ago.  This blogging thing is more of a commitment than I realized when I started last month.  A while back I was searching under pickles in the App Store because…..well…..why else?  … Continue reading

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Pickle Juice Chili….it’s what’s for dinner.

I know I was supposed to post my first review of an iPhone app but I’ve really been wanting to make this pickle juice chili recipe and I had some Sweet and Spicy pickles left from last weekend’s big goal planning … Continue reading

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Goal planning pickles

Tonight I have been displaced……my hubby is having his annual goal planning party.  I could have stuck around for the festivities but I don’t really enjoy the loud noises of poker playing late into the evening……so I am blogging to … Continue reading

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A Christmas Pickle

Tonight we exchanged Christmas presents with some family members we didn’t get to see over the holidays. To my surprise attached to my gift was this……

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Sweet & Spicy Smooth Pickles

Ok – I’m really tired and completely stuffed from my sushi dinner (and a little wine) tonight with my friends and hubby but wanted to post the Sweet & Spicy Smooth Pickles recipe as promised: Put 1 quart dill pickles, … Continue reading

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Midnight smooth pickle snack at 8:30

This is my first attempt at posting from the WordPress app on my iPhone. I haven’t heard great things about it but here goes. I was laying in bed, watching football and reading magazines and I got a hankering for … Continue reading

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A Pickle Drop?

As I was sitting on the couch trying to recover from the last few days of celebrations I heard something on the CBS Sunday Morning show that caught my attention…..there is a town in North Carolina…..Mt. Olive-home of the Mt. Olive pickle company….that drops … Continue reading

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